Craigslist Marketing

Get More Calls Per Dollar Invested Than

Anywhere Else on the Internet

Craigslist Marketing For Plumbers

Craigslist is a swamp

But – There are some Gold Nuggets in that swamp

We’ll help you find them.

But first –

Warning –

This is NOT FOR YOU if
  • You don’t serve a medium or large metro area
  • You are not willing to put up with some crappy calls to get the gold

Our job –

We will absolutely get your phone to ring more than it does now – probably a lot more!

With Ads like this;

Your job –

spend 2 minutes per call separating the crap from the gold

At the end of the month you’ll have several (or more) new jobs –

potentially some into the thousands

Rinse and repeat every month

But wait – you probably have some questions –

  • How do you know I’ll get more calls?

Because we’ve been doing this for quite a while – and we see improved results just about every time.

  • I can do this myself for free – why should I pay you?

Continually posting on Craigslist – every day – is not as easy as it looks

Plus – The quality of the ad and the headline matter.

We write professional ads – with full color graphics

and post them throughout the day so they are more likely to be found in the “swamp”

Plus Рwe do SEO on your Craigslist ads so they are more likely  to show up near the top when someone searches

But – you are welcome to try it yourself.

This is for those who want a “Done For You” solution.

Is 5 or 10 bucks a day too much to invest for a couple of new jobs per week?

Try it our for one month and see for yourself.

Sampler – at least 3 ads a day

at least 25 days per month

$147/ month –

$5.88 per day

Fair Trial – at least 5 ads per day

at least 25 days a month

$225 per month –

$9 per day

Big City –¬† at least 10 ads per day

at least 25 days month

$397 per month –

$15.88 per day

no obligation

no contracts

quit at the end of any month with 5 days notice

It takes us about 3 days from the time we receive your payment to get
your first ads up.

Try us for one month –

Stay with us for years.

We use PayPal – so you are totally protected.

We never see your credit card info.

paypal verified

One Month Trial
3 ads / Day
$5.85 per day

One Month Trial
5 ads / Day
$9 per day

$225 / Month

One Month Trial
10 ads / Day
$15.88 per day

$397 / Month


With your subscription – you get a dedicated call tracking number

with your local area code – just for our ads.

This allows you to know every call we generate for you.

At the end of the month – we provide a complete report

date, time of day, caller id, and recording of each call.

This way, you can make a fact based decision about using our services.

(This is also a great way to hear how your staff treats new callers when you’re not around)

We are professional Online marketers

Living in San Diego

Available by phone

M-F 8-4 PST